Welcome to Team United Racing Technology karts website. We are the Texas / Oklahoma dealer for Margay Racing chassis, Team Valhalla Racing safety gear, Amsoil Racing Oils and Lubricants, Zamp Helmets and many other brands of racing products. Visit our store front at http://www.urtllc.com/kart . If you are looking for a sport that is both safe and enjoyable you are at the right place. Karting is one of the purest forms of motorsports that allows the whole family to be involved. It also teaches your child the comradeship of working together as a team while learning to drive. I have never been a part of a racing program that didn't feel like one big family. If you want to see for yourself come on out to our home track just North of Denton, TX and visit with the various teams and families. The first visit is on us, compliments of North Texas Karters, visit our club home page and contact the vice president and we will arrange for you to take a ride in a real racing kart!



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